Why should I invest my company’s funds in iuvo?

In the era of FinTech revolution many people turn to alternative financing options, such as P2P, in order to profit on their savings quickly, securely and without the hassle that traditional investment methods presuppose.

But platforms like iuvo are not only intended for individual investors. The one-stop solution for investments that we offer is also available to businesses that are looking to diversify their sources of income and make sure their liquid capital is managed in the best possible way.

Investing your capital in P2P loans

Just like with most traditional financial institutions, putting corporate capital into P2P gives scope for larger investments than the ones available to single physical investors. With one major difference – peer-to-peer transactions are much easier to conduct and capable of providing returns that surpass those of traditional investment methods by sizable margins.

Bank deposits and real estate investments for companies involve a lot of side expenses, time, documentation and are not nearly as transparent and predictable as investing in P2P loans. Maintaining a property would bring additional expenses and putting your company’s money into a deposit would mean that your business may not have the liquid capital when it needs it.

Besides, let’s be fair – interest rates on deposits have been painfully low since 2008 and no one could predict where the real estate market will lean to in the future.

In the meantime, investing money in P2P could save your company a lot of time and unnecessary expenses. The service is entirely focused on offering the means to make controlled investments in an understandable and straightforward manner that is adequate to the needs of modern businesses. Most importantly – it brings excellent returns.

Corporate investments made easy by iuvo

Investing corporate money demands knowledge in finance and good executive thinking, which you might need to source from outside. This, of course, brings a large package of consultant and lawyer fees. At the end of the day your company’s managers will be left out in the communication between the bank and your financial advisor.

Investing through iuvo does not require you to add anyone on your company’s payroll to manage the investments your business decides to make.

We have created the Auto-Investing tool that takes care of everything and gives you direct and total control over how your company’s capital is invested.

The service allows you to set your desired criteria – rate class, interest %, installment type, etc. – and then automatically chooses the loans that match your requirements.

You are able to edit, pause and re-activate your Auto-Investing at any time. The service enables you to keep track of your investments efficiently, while saving you a lot of money and time.

Iuvo, as a FinTech company, allows you to not only have security of your investments, but it also gives you a modern, and efficient option to increase your company’s available capital.

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