Interview with Nikita Lomakin- Co-Founder and CEO of Kviku

1. Tell us more about the business model of your company.

Kviku is an international Fintech company focused on instant online credit solutions in Russia, Kazakhstan, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, India and the Philippines. Since its launch in 2013, Kviku has received 7 million unique applications and issued more than 2 million loans with total volume over $200 million. Key products include: Point-of-sale loans for new customers and Installment loans for repeat borrowers.

The latest news of company development which we can share with our investors are BB credit rating got by Kviku in November and successfully closed first tranche of obligation emission on MOEX amounted of 3.5M EUR.

2. How and why did you decide to become an originator on iuvo?

Since the very start of our business, we have been constantly looking to diversify funding sources through p2p platforms and Iuvo has been on our radars since 2019. After completing the due diligence in 2020 we have decided to establish long term partnership with Iuvo.

3. What do you think makes iuvo different from the other companies on the market? What are our main advantages?

We believe that Iuvo’s main advantage is thorough due diligence process of its loan originators, resulting in a smaller group of lending companies compared to other p2p platforms. Another advantage is a strong demand from Iuvo’s local investor base in Bulgaria, allowing loan originators to further diversify their investor base.

4. How would you compare your time on iuvo with the traditional investing instruments?

Iuvo grants quick access to capital when it’s needed and allows to match our assets and liabilities in perfect manner. We have been also able to attract funding in BGN currency at attractive rates, which we would never achieve with traditional instruments.

5. How would you describe your entire experience with the platform in 3 words?

Innovative. Solid. Long-term.

6. What would you advise people that are thinking of investing in P2P loans?

Always make your own due diligence of any platform before starting to invest. Platform’s behavior during volatile market conditions (e.g. Covid) is a good indication of its financial and operational stability in the future.

7. What do you think we need to improve in our work?

Attract more loan originators with solid balance sheets from different regions (Asia, LatAm, Africa).

8. What do you think an investor on iuvo is like?

30-45 years old looking to diversify their investment portfolio with fixed income instruments.

9. Can you make a prognosis for the future of P2P and the fintech industry?

We believe that strong demand for alternative investments in p2p will continue, as the industry is becoming more transparent and regulated. We also expect exchange traded instruments (e.g. ETFs) to become available in the future for p2p platforms, adding momentum to the growth of their investor base.


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