How do we select our originators?

As the number of investments in iuvo is continuously increasing, we are constantly striving to supply the platform with fresh loans. To do this, we rely on our originators – companies with a good reputation and long history. We prefer the latter to be varied, as we desire to continuously diversify the supply by the type of loan – depending on the kind of companies, their geographic location, the possibility of collateral and others. At the moment the platform features credits from Bulgarian, Romanian and Georgian originators. The origins and history of our partners are different. As customer confidence in the platform is of great importance to us, over 90% of our credits are provided by originators regulated in Europe. To be completely transparent, we would like to share with you more details about the selection process for new originators.

It is important to be familiar with the history of our partners.

When planning new partnerships, we conduct surveys among the world’s leading relevant companies. We turn to our well-established contacts across markets and territories for references, we meet potential originators during international forums and events. Others find us on their own, as our service is already one of Europe’s most desirable. This provides us with a good basis for choosing among many trusted partners. Each originator passes a due diligence period during which property, financial health, and portfolios are tracked. We check that its lending license is valid and regulated by the relevant legislation and whether it has a good IT structure to provide reliable data.

They also want to know us.

Our future partners also have their questions for us regarding the duration and technical requirements of the platform integration, the parameters of the due diligence, their obligations under the buy-back guarantee we offer, the form of cash payments, the return on iuvo and the typical currencies that our investors work with. We strive to answer their questions completely and thoroughly. Part of the information is already available – some of the topics that interest both our originators and our investors have already been uploaded in the form of articles in our blog here.

Our relations are legally precise.

Once the questions are clear and responses received, we proceed with the technical integration. If everything is in order, the originator becomes a part of iuvo and consequently a subject to periodic financial checks, including the presentation of the portfolio. All this is done to ensure that all matters are legally precise and run according to the original agreement with the originator. In the contractual agreements with each new originator, we have different sanctions that come into effect if irregularities occur. There is also a measure of last resort – exclusion from the platform for systemic breaches of contract terms. For our relations to be harmonious in the process of meeting our common goals, some of the most important qualities we value are the speed, correctness and competence of our partners’ teams.

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