Easy Credit offers business loans with buyback on the interest under the name “Super Easy”

The first and the biggest originator on iuvo – Easy Credit offers you a unique opportunity for making profit with a high liquidity investment. The company is well known on the Bulgarian market for over 16 years and it is an innovator in the consumer lending field with its specific business model that includes “lending at home”. However, for the first time ever you have the opportunity to purchase claims from a business loan of Easy Credit.

Get familiar with the special terms of “Super Easy”:

– Buyback on the principal and the interest – in case a payment for a business loan is delayed, Easy Credit is obligated to activate buyback equal to the remaining principal and interest according to the payment schedule;

– Easy Credit will activate the buyback on the next day after a delay of 3 days;

– Possibility for high liquidity through secondary market on iuvo – up to 3 (three) days your claims will be fully purchased if you list them for sale with -0.5% discount. This way you will be able to get your funds available faster*;

– Loans of Score Class A borrowers;

– Currency – EUR and BGN;

– Interest rate 4.8 % – 5.12%;

– Maturity of 6 and 12 months.

Be among the first to invest in the new “Super Easy” loans by Easy Credit. You can find the new loans by using the “Originator” filter with the aforementioned name in order to diversify your investment portfolio. Due to the limited supply, we recommend you to invest manually in them with a higher amount. The special terms for secondary market sale give you a higher liquidity, and you also get interest in case of buyback activation, which happens in only 3 days.

We would like to remind you that all “Super Easy” loans have a group guarantee by MFG. In addition, Easy Credit keeps the 20% skin in the game for each loan.

Take advantage of the opportunity to invest smart and diversify your portfolio with the new
“Super Easy” business loans by Easy Credit.

* In case you would like to get your funds available before the due date, you can sell the purchased claims for “Super Easy” loans on iuvo’s secondary market. Easy Credit will buy them within 3 (three) business days if they are listed for sale with -0.5% discount. This does not stop you from listing such loans for sale with a higher or a lower discount, or even on a premium price, but the purchase will depend on the preferences of the other investors.

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