Delays in the debt repayment of Monify AS

After we signed an annex to the contract with Monify AS in October, which settles the full repayment of their debt to the platform, we received the payment of the first of three installments. Unfortunately, we have to inform you today that we are registering a delay in the repayment of the second installment. As a result of this, we will take legal measures together with the entire Legal Department of our majority owner Management Financial Group in order to protect the interest of our investors.

We are reminding you that part of the debt of Monify AS is already repaid to the investors of iuvo, as the first loans to get their buyback guarantee activated were those with the most days of delay.

We will be informing you in a timely manner about all further steps in the case with Monify AS. We keep working tirelessly to protect your interest and to be your trusted and transparent partner in P2P lending.


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