How do we counter inflation by investing

Nobody likes the word inflation. We all know that it is the main reason that our savings, even though they might be significant now, will have a lower purchasing power in a few years. Particularly unfair is the ratio between the inflation rate and the interest rate on bank deposits, which at the moment is in favour of inflation. This means that each subsequent year our money stays in a bank will significantly reduce the volume of affordable goods and services. All this makes the bank deposit as a means to increase our savings less useful. This is where investments come into play as one of the best methods to counteract inflation.

High-Risk Investments

If you already have the experience, you could try investing in stock markets, mutual funds or in different types of assets – such as stocks, bonds, real estate, or gold. However, this requires a lot of expertise and strategic thinking, as well as a huge amount of patience. Turning profits can take time and almost always involves high risk.

Low-risk investments

In the absence of serious experience, we recommend investing in P2P as one of the ways to overcome long-term inflation. This way you will also “lock” your savings for a certain amount of time, but unlike the deposit, if all goes well, at the end of the adventure profitability will have outpaced inflation. In the worst case, you will have your initial investment back because of the existing buy-back guarantee provided by the P2P originators that protects your money. And if you want to “unlock” your investment in the meantime, you can list it on the Secondary Market.

Automatic P2P Portfolio

If you choose iuvo, you should know that the risk level of this type of investment can be minimized by selecting an automatic portfolio, which means that the platform itself can allocate your savings to different types of credits and risk levels. The various filter combinations offered by iuvo allow you to build a portfolio that is tailored to your profile and is within your personal investment style. This will also save you time since you no longer need to manually select credits and work on a specific strategy.

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