Companies are welcome to invest with iuvo

Following the first quarter of 2017 and the demonstrated optimism and increased company investments, we would like to explain to you how company investors can invest and take advantage of the iuvo platform.

To ensure a secure portal where you can invest and realize high returns, we strictly comply with all EU anti-money laundering guidelines. That is why, from the launch of the platform, we use the “Know Your Client” (KYC) principle, which we apply on a daily basis. The “Know Your Client” policy is widespread and applied by credit institutions worldwide. It covers the development and implementation of customer approval policies, transaction monitoring, risk management, and more.

The principle is a cornerstone in the fight against money laundering, as well as a standard practice for identifying clients. The volume and type of required documentation depend on the kind of person (citizen, company, etc.) and the type of products used by the customer. Legal entities considering iuvo registration should be aware that they will go through Good Practices to “Know Your Client” with us.

At iuvo, we accept registrations from individuals over the age of 18 and from legal entities with valid bank accounts within the EU (or third countries following EU AML / CFT systems). To register on the platform as a legal entity, companies must provide:

– Identity card or Passport of representative,

– Company registration document or Certificate of good standing. Every company that registers with iuvo must be legally established, i.e., shall be recorded in a relevant trade, business or another equivalent register according to national circumstances,

– Articles of association (contract) – aims to establish the ownership, management, and control of the company,

– Information about actual owners (UBO) – information about shareholders and partners that directly or indirectly hold more than 25 percent of the shares or directly or indirectly have control over the legal entity.

Each of our users can get comprehensive information on all matters related to documents and identification by contacting us at [email protected] or by phone at +359 2 493 0108.

A known method for financing a company is to purchase real assets to replace old or to reduce working time/production. This type of investment, however, has its specifications and requires a strong knowledge of capital assets. Your sources of information must be reliable and profitable, as well as you need a know how to buy and sell. When investing in shares, the investor carries market, currency and liquidity risks, risk related to the obligated person, as well as a settlement risk (the final transfer of funds to the current accounts of the participants in the payment process).

The best scenario for investors is one in which the risk is low, and the returns are high. What distinguishes iuvo from alternative investment opportunities is that you can generate annual returns of up to 15% with risk kept to the minimum thanks to the 100% buy-back guarantee. Buy-back guarantee means that if a credit in which you’ve invested defaults, the investment amount will be refunded to you in full.

To start investing at iuvo, it is not necessary to have a personal financial adviser. Thanks to our Automatic investment, your investments will be managed quickly and easily.

The automatic investment ensures that you reinvest your free funds, thereby significantly boosting returns. Users remain solely responsible for tracking revenue earned on their account, but there is no need for additional training courses or knowledge to use the auto investment. It is intuitive enough, and you will be able to create your portfolio easily.

Unlike traditional methods of investing, the Peer-to-Peer platforms are entirely online. It is one of the reasons why this type of platforms offers such high returns. Joining iuvo as an investor is easy, and the necessary verification documents are only identification document (ID card) and contact address.
The primary objective of iuvo is to provide the best results for our investors. Our statistics show that more than EUR 1.5 million has been invested in our primary market since the launch of the platform in August 2016 and our investors have generated returns of up to 15% on an annual basis. Still, have doubts? Register your company on the platform and start securing your future now!

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