Development of the case with CBC/KFP

We are informing you about new information we received from our legal consultants in Poland that work on the legal actions against the credit company CBC/KFP. The consultants informed us that a request was submitted in the Court in Poland to initiate a procedure for declaring insolvency as well as a request to initiate a procedure for restructuring and rescuing the company. In addition, the company was imposed precautionary measures to prevent them from disposing of their property to the detriment of their creditors. A court official has also been appointed to oversee CBC/KFP. We are expecting the Court in Poland to decide which of the two procedures will enter into force in order to preserve the interests of the company’s creditors on the basis of an analysis of the company’s assets and liabilities.

We will continue sharing the up-to-date information and we hope that our actions will soon be successful. Protecting the interests of our investors is the main focus of our work and our daily efforts are directed towards iuvo to keep being the best place for your funds.

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