Progress in the legal actions against BBG

Iuvo Group won the lawsuit for imposing precautionary measures on the movable assets /automobiles/ of the credit company BBG in Georgia. Iuvo, as a creditor, is about to obtain a writ of execution, through which, with the assistance of a private bailiff, the company’s assets will be placed in safekeeping by the Georgian National Bureau of Enforcement (the local competent authority for this activity). The Georgian National Bureau of Enforcement will keep BBG’s assets until the decision of the court in Estonia, on the basis of a lawsuit filed against BBG by iuvo, is ruled. In this regard, we expect a positive outcome of the lawsuit in Estonia to proceed with the liquidation of BBG’s movable assets in order to repay their debt.

We will continue sharing the up-to-date information about the development of the case. Protecting the interest of our investors is the main focus of our work and our daily efforts are directed towards iuvo to keep being the best place for your funds.

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