p2p investing action plan

How to create an action plan for p2p investing

Our investors’ satisfaction has always been the top priority of iuvo. All improvements that we make on a daily basis are based on the feedback and experience of our clients on the platform.

Our development team is processing and classifying all of the received recommendations and comments. The frequently asked questions are ‘How much will I earn?’, ‘Would the profit be enough for the spent time and money?’, ‘The risk is low but getting out of investment takes time.’, ‘How can I calculate my profitability?’. We will give you answers to those questions by making an action plan for p2p investing and put the specific ultimate goal.

Make a plan for action!

Accurate, reliable and timely information is essential for making an action plan. If you are already familiar with the P2P lending, you can get acquainted with our profitability, guarantees, taxes, average deposit, how to get out of investment, etc. If you’re just getting into the P2P investments world, it will be helpful to read our blog postshow iuvo operates, what are the returns, risks, etc.

Set Up Conditions!

Before start investing you need to define your criteria and budget for all of the strategies and functionalities, you want to test. Iuvo offers two options for investing – Auto Invest and Manual Investing.

When implementing strategies or using different functionalities, set them a budget and approximately the same conditions to be easier for you to measure the results. When planning, it is important to set a preliminary period, after which you will review the achievements. Then select credits which match to the set time.

Ultimate goal!

The ultimate goal is high profitability. You can earn an annual return of up to 15% on your investments. To select the most convenient and appropriate way to invest your funds, take a look at our Auto invest and Strategies materials.

Apply – Invest!

No matter if you decide to invest manually or automatically you can add filters to your criteria – terms (number of installments), credit status – current/delay, rating class, etc. Stick to you pre-made plan. Changing the plan will affect the results, therefore make sure you will apply the changes when measuring the outcome.

Evaluate – Balance time!

The most enjoyable part of the whole process is getting the profitability. Use the account options for analyzing your achievements – extract the data from ‘My Investments’ and ‘Account Statements.’

Difference between the action plan and the realized return?

Make sure you have included all the changes to the results calculations – different taxes which you pay or receive, premium/discount of the secondary market, withdraw or add funds, etc.

Make your plan and become a part of iuvo!

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