A new peak in the history of iuvo – over 60 million euro invested funds on the platform

The interest in P2P investing in Europe and the value of turnover in the sector continue to grow. The growth on the continent (excluding the UK) for 2017, for example, was 63% compared to 2016. The profit levels in P2P are double or even triple compared to traditional investments, such as real estate. The standard bank deposit delivers less than one percent return, while the average annual return at iuvo for 2018 was 9.2%.

Since the founding of iuvo in 2016 to date, the confidence in us has increased many times and today we are proud of 60M euro in investments, which is a 406% increase compared to the same period last year.

Iuvo already has more than 12,000 investors from 120 countries. Their number grew by 286% in 2018 compared to 2017. The average deposit on the platform to date is 5 000 euro and 10% of our investors have deposits with over 10 000 euro. We face new challenges such as entering new European markets, welcoming new originators, offering different types of credits, and adding a variety of functionalities. We are constantly working on improving the overall customer experience with iuvo, especially regarding depositing and investment methods, as well as security levels. For us it is of utmost importance that the platform continues to be user-friendly and everything is customized to the requirements and expectations of our investors.

That is why we constantly check if we are up-to-date, based on the feedback we get from you every day.

Our main mission is to promote P2P investing, thus trying to provide an alternative to old fashioned investment methods. We believe that everyone can make a profit by investing in P2P loans and we can not stand the thought that there are people who waste their hard earned savings on unprofitable investments. At the core of our values is the belief that the financial technology sector has the potential to make investing more enjoyable for all of us, and that is definitely the approach of the future.

Thank you for your trust in us!

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