NordCard continues offering a 30-day buyback guarantee

In May, we shared with you that our partners from NordCard will activate a 30-day buyback guarantee. The success of the company motivates us and today we can make you happy with the news that the promotional offer period is being extended, and it will be valid until 30.11.2020!

We would like to remind you that the company provides “payment guarantee” – when the buyback is being activated, you receive not only your principle back, but the entire remaining interest according to the payment schedule as well.

The promotional campaign is for all available NordCard loans on Primary market at the moment, and for those that will be listed until the 30.11.2020. You can have a look at the loans after you filter by originator “NordCard”, or you can directly add it to your auto invest strategy.

NordCard is an originator on iuvo, which is based on an entrepreneurial spirit, innovative decisions, and a well-working team. The same values are a focus for us as well, which helps us achieve our goals, and make the platform a place, where you can invest successfully and with pleasure. Start today.

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