30-day buyback guarantee from NordCard

Regardless of the current situation, all of us enjoy good news. Today we share with you one, that comes directly from Latvia.

NordCard has a special promotional offer for the activation days of the buyback guarantee. It changes from 60 to 30 days. The campaign starts today (05.05.2020) and continues until 31.08.2020. In order to make the news even better, the company offers „payment guarantee“ – in case of default, the credit company not only pays you back the principle but the interest by the payment schedule as well.

The campaign will be valid for all available loans of NordCard on primary market at the moment, as well as the upcoming ones, that will be listed until the 31.08.2020. You can find the loans with 30-day buyback guarantee on primary market by selecting “30” from the Buyback guarantee filter. You can do that with your autoinvest as well.

Please keep in mind that the rest of the loans on iuvo are also with 100% buyback guarantee, but they have the usual period for activation – 60 days.

Our team’s work is focused on giving you the best customer experience. We select only partners that have the same focus as us, and regardless of the circumstances we are in at the moment, it remains unchanged. There are companies that even in crisis succeed to overcome the challenges in the best way possible. And when we work together, success is assured.

About NordCard:

Innovative ideas, entrepreneurial spirit, and a cohesive team are part of the solid ground for our growth. NordCard is a partner, that also counts on these factors, and together we are successfully providing you with the best conditions possible, in order to be satisfied from your investment.

NordCard became part of iuvo in February 2020. It is an entirely online-based platform, that offers a credit limit on bank account and on debit card. The company has a portfolio of 2.3 M EUR, 5% default rate, and high liquidity. Facts, that give freedom and confidence to the management to add the “payment guarantee” to the 30-day buyback campaign.

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