100% buyback on the interest by Access Finance

As you know, in June Access Finance became part of the growing family of iuvo. The company is part of Management Financial Group (MFG) – the holding iuvo is also part of. The product that they list on the platform is “Biala Karta” (White Card).

Starting today Access Finance now offers loans to the investors on iuvo with even better terms – the buyback will cover not only the principal but the interest as well, according to the payment schedule. The new terms are valid for all new loans that are about to be listed and part of the already available ones on the platform.

What more will you get from your investments in Access Finance?

– 30-day buyback that covers both the principal and interest;

– Interest rate between 7.5-8.5%;

– Loans granted to borrowers in Score class A;

– Average maturity of their loans between 6 and 12 months by a predefined payment schedule.

In order to get better profit and have a successful investment strategy, you need the right data. This is why we share with you that our partners Access Finance showed great results as of H1’21. Their realized sales revenue as of H1’21 is in the size of €7, 883m, and the financial result is €2, 709m. Read more about their performance in our blog.

Choose the right loans for your strategy with the offers of Access Finance! The investment is worth it!

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