IUVO GOLD CLUB privileges: Receiving information in advance and higher referral bonuses

We continue with telling you more about the privileges that the IUVO GOLD CLUB members have.
We will share more details about the advantages you have by receiving information in advance and the higher bonuses you get as a Gold investor.

Information in advance

The member of iuvo’s Gold Club receive information in advance about listing new loanspromo and bonus campaign, starting a partnership with a new loan originator, etc.
This information is very valuable due to many reasons, and here are some of them:

–  When we send you information that a given originator will list new loans on our market, you have the opportunity to adjust the settings of your Auto Invest portfolios in a way that they will invest in these loans exactly. Combined with another privilege – Auto Invest priority, the change of investing as much from your funds as possible in the loans you most prefer increases;

– The information that we will add a new loan originator with certain properties of their loans also allows you to adjust the settings of your Auto Invest for this originator specifically, and to be among the first that will invest in its loans. Very often, the first loans listed by a new originator have more attractive promo terms, and as a Gold investor, you will be able to take advantage before everyone else;–  By receiving information in advance, you have more time to plan a transfer to add new funds, or other actions regarding investing in order to take advantage of a certain campaign for receiving additional profit in the form of bonus. It gives you the opportunity to adjust your Auto Invest setting in advance if the promo campaign is connected with more attractive terms offered by an originator.

Higher bonuses

It is also a privilege to be provided with the opportunity to realize higher additional profit than the other investors. As part of Gold Club, you receive higher bonuses for campaign, organized by iuvo.
Which campaigns you can take advantage of, depends on which of them are active as of the given moment.

At the moment, the “Refer a Friend” bonus campaign is active. When your referral is successful, you get 3% of the amount the referred party has invested for the period of the campaign, and the maximum size your bonus can get is €300. Along with the successful referral, you can also participate in a raffle to win up to prizes by €1000 each. Learn more HERE.

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Last Update: 07.04.2023

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