IUVO GOLD CLUB privileges: priority for auto invest activation and a cycle of 20 loans

At iuvo, we like to give you more and to stimulate investors. For us, it is important for you to be satisfied from your investments, which is why we provide option to have additional privileges to help you realize an even better return.

Everyone on the platform that has added to their account and currently has ovr 25 000 EUR becomes part of IUVO GOLD CLUB. The club comes with 10 privileges, which make your investor experience even better. It is important to know what exactly each of them brings you in order to take advantage in the most efficient way.

Today we will take a look at 2 of the 10 privileges: Auto Invest priority and Investment in 20 loans per turn.

Auto Invest priority

Everyone wants to be able to find the loans that match their preferred strategy the most. Understandably, the most wanted loans are the ones that get entirely bought by investors the fastest, and there is a possibility that not everyone that wants to invest in them will be able to. The Auto Invest portfolios react instantly when having available funds but it is important which portfolios will activate first.

For the most active investors on iuvo, the Auto Invest will activate before those of the other investors. This way the loans that you prefer the most can be part of your strategy.

Investment in 20 loans per turn

It is important to know that if you have more than one portfolio, each of them invests in 10 loans and then the next one by priority activates for the rest of the available funds. The portfolio created/redacted last has the highest priority. The rest activate in reverse-chronological order.

If your portfolio with highest priority is the closest to your strategy and it matches your requirements, this Gold privilege is perfect for you! This way you will invest in a bigger part of the loans, which properties match your preferences the most.

All of this helps for your better return and higher satisfaction of the service you get. Thank you for your trust! Keep investing with iuvo, and we will keep providing the best offers for you.


Last Update: 07.04.2023

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