What to invest in during a crisis

Due to the slowdown in global economic growth, analysts of J.P. Morgan Chase predict that another economic crisis is emerging. Despite the expectation that this will not happen before 2020, it is good to prepare in time and focus our investments on sectors that remain steady and stable, even in times of particularly severe financial crises. If the previous financial apocalypse has left something positive, it is first and foremost the knowledge and experience of investors around the world who have learned their lessons and made their conclusions, and know which are the wise investment in times of crisis. Here are 5 of them:

Invest in gold

No, no one expects you to start tracking global gold mining and to understand how the gold industry and the trade with gold jewellery and precious stones work. You just have to bet on one of the few things whose price did not fall during the collapse of US stock markets last year and point your portfolio to it. However, it is good to have knowledge of this type of investment (as well as any other), to keep track of the market price and to manage your money. Whether you will win or lose depends on this.

Invest in real estate

This does not mean counting your available funds and moving sharply towards the idea of purchasing real estate. Fortunately, there are many ways to invest in real estate without having to own it. One of the possibilities is an investment in real estate owned by other people. In other words, someone else is committed to buying and managing a group of properties, and investors like you are directing their money to this particular project, for which they receive an appropriate interest without being the owners or landlords. Of course, if you do not trust the model described above, you can do the most trivial thing – buy a property, rent it (see the next paragraph) until the market stabilizes and then, according to its estimation, decide whether to sell it.

Invest in rentals

During an economic crisis, many people prefer not to invest in their own home but to rent. This is particularly true for the millennials who choose to co-rent with their partners, their families and their friends as a basic philosophy of life. In many countries, young people decide not to settle in a permanent home and instead change their place of residence depending on where their work is. With more and more people leaving their permanent addresses to live on rent, the opportunities for platforms that offer rental investment increase, hence another opportunity for you to redirect your funds.

Invest in credits

At a time of crisis, P2P platforms – a bridge between non-bank credit institutions and investors – remain a popular model of investment. On such platforms, creditors, also known as originators, can publish part of each loan they offer in order to receive funding for it. In return, investors earn profit from the interest as well as from the fees collected. As an investor in a P2P platform, you are actually investing in other people and their goals by getting a decent return of 6% or more depending on the risk. In iuvo, for example, the average annual return is now 9.2%. These platforms are always convenient – from registration to accountability, you do not lose anything because of the existing Buy-back guarantees provided by the originators and, most importantly, no big amounts are required to get started.

Invest in yourself

The rule of caring for ourselves is always up to date and applies to all situations, whether we are in a crisis or not. Yet, when everything around you breaks down, it’s good to know that the investment in your personal health, education, creativity and self-confidence is the one that will pay back the best at the end of the journey. Invest in qualifications and courses, especially such that will apply your talent to uncharted territories. Travel and explore the world – you will hardly find cheaper tickets later. Read books. Don’t save money on good food and sports activities, as their return cannot compare to the levels of any interest, and will add a few more active years to your life.

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