What do software developers invest in?

It’s no secret that because of the booming IT sector, software developers are among the most sought-after and highest paid specialists. Most of them are fairly young people because, due to the specifics of their work, they have started their career very early and, before the age of 30, they have often reached the leading positions in the sector. The majority of programmers today are well-behaved, educated, intelligent and active people. They have well-developed soft and social skills, they are interested in politics, art and sports. Their profession is prestigious, well-paid and with a constant perspective of growth and development. They are creative and liberal, and challenges are part of their everyday life. They have learned a lot but continue to educate themselves every day, and use their free time to stay active and catch up on some of the benefits of youth. Therefore, it is no surprise that most of them prefer to spend their money on leisure, education, and invest their savings in different types of assets. Let’s look at each of these trends separately.

Free time

The profession of the programmer is intense, often meeting tight deadlines and assuming different responsibilities. Sometimes the boundaries between work and personal life are blurred and at such times, compensatory mechanisms come into play. Programmers often find a balance in investing in their free time – sports, social and cultural activities, extreme experiences, and participation in various sports leagues – like football, table tennis, bowling, chess or board games. Some take part in rallies and marathons, which are a real test of the human spirit. Others go bungee jumping, skydiving or mountain climbing. There are also those who take spontaneous trips without a specific route, and each subsequent destination depends on their mood and the people they encounter during the journey.


Education in the digital sphere is not something you start and finish at a certain time – it is a life-long process. Most software developers who want to keep developing in their profession have the attitude that good work goes along with continuous education and that in order to achieve success, it is necessary to be dedicated to both. Therefore, the most ambitious of them invest their hard earned money in additional training courses and re-qualification programs. Many programmers invest in education in areas other than just the digital – just to improve their general knowledge and expand their imagination – since especially the latter is vitally needed for creative problem-solving and coding.

Investments in P2P

When they have filled their free time with interesting experiences and received the necessary extra knowledge to grow in their careers, but they still have available funds, programmers often choose to invest them. Due to the specific nature of their pursuits and their digital thinking, they don’t usually resort to traditional methods of investing. Most of them, therefore, prefer to invest in P2P platforms where the deposited funds are managed quickly and conveniently without complicated procedures and without the need for specific skills and pre-training.

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