Viva Credit – results for 2020 and main indicators for Q1 of 2021

We share with you the results of one of the leading originators from the family of MFG (Management Financial Group) – Viva Credit. As part of the group of leaders on the market, the company proves for more than 8 years that how you treat your clients is in the base of having a successful business. In the presentation you can find information about:

– profile of the company

– main financial results for 2020

– development of the business indicators for Q1 of 2021

You can download the file HERE.

At iuvo we strive to provide you with the right information for our originators in order to be of use to our clients. Get familiar with the data for Viva Credit and take advantage of the many opportunities for having more successful investments. Diversify your portfolio with the loans of the company from MFG’s family and get the profit you want with iuvo.

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