Viva Credit lists mortgage credits

One of our most preferred originators Viva Credit is listed on our platform with its mortgage credits. This increases the investment possibilities with us!

Viva Credit mortgage credits are secured, which makes them even more attractive for investing. There is a diverse profile of credits where the duration is from 12 up to 60 months. The average amount of a mortgage credit for 2018 is 15 000 BGN. Investments are available both in BGN and EUR.

The new option is that you can check a photo gallery of each customer, which is available to look inside credit details. This will help you to choose an investment according your own preferences.

Alike all the credits in iuvo, the mortgage will also be secured with a Buy-back guarantee. This option ensures your investment in case a credit that you’ve invested stops being paid. The Buy-back guarantee is an indicator for the security of your investment. On this matter we also want to inform you that our 30-days Buy-back guarantee promotion is also available for the mortgage credits from A and B classes for Viva Credit.

Enjoy investing with iuvo!

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