More opportunities for investment with the updated skin in the game of MFG originators

With the increased number of investors and the increased amount of the added funds to the platform, the need for more opportunities to buy loans on our market also increases. At iuvo, we acknowledge and understand this need, which is why we took measures to increase the supply on our market.

Starting a new partnership takes time, with the purpose to minimize the risk. While we work on making new partnerships, we can provide you with more opportunities to invest in the most-desired loans on our market by updating the skin in the game percent of the loan originators, part of Management Financial Group (MFG).

What is Skin in the game?

Skin in the game is the share of a loan that the credit companies (originators) finance by themselves and do not list for sale on P2P markets. The higher skin in the game percent can lead to decreasing the risk due to the fact that originators are more motivated for the timely and more efficient collection of the loans because of the higher deductible. At iuvo, the skin in the game percent, which the bigger part of originators has at the moment, is 30% – the highest of all European P2P platforms.

Why MFG?

MFG is the company that owns iuvo and big part of the loan originators on our market – Easy Credit, Viva Credit, Access Finance, AXI Card Romania, AXI Card Spain, iCredit Romania, iCredit Poland, M Cash, and iuvoHOME. The funds invested with iuvoSAVE are also used by MFG.

MFG unites over 30 nonbank financial companies in its structure, and it also grows in other fields as well. Some of the companies have over 18 years of history and experience. The companies, part of the Group, are leaders in the nonbank lending on their respective markets, which are 7 countries in Europe, and soon an 8th one. MFG also works hard on its expansion outside of Europe, and more specifically USA, Mexico, and India. Iuvo is key to the expansion of MFG.
Over 8300 employees work for MFG, and the Group generates a multi-million net profit each year.

The stability of MFG indicates the stability of the investments made in loans of their companies, and also with iuvoSAVE.

What will this change lead to?

Due to the trust in MFG and the increased demand, we made the decision to update the skin in the game percent of the originators, part of the Group. Instead of 30%, for Easy Credit, Viva Credit, Access Finance, AXI Card Romania, AXI Card Spain, iCredit Romania, iCredit Poland, M Cash, and iuvoHOME skin in the game will gradually reach 10%.
This way the available sums for investment in every loan of these companies will be larger, which will allow for a higher number of investors to successfully take advantage and invest in them, including the most desired loans with highest interest. The MFG originators provide loans of borrowers from every score class on our market, which makes them suitable for every strategy.

At iuvo, we continue to grow and strive to provide the better opportunities for you. Invest now, it’s easy.

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