Introduction of unified best practices on the P2P lending market

Iuvo Team initiated a dialogue and following steps with other platforms, branch organizations and institutions for the structuring and implementation of best p2p lending practices. Our main goal is to establish standardized requirements for the business, which are observed and strictly followed by all platforms. With this action we aim to help the current and future investors in our type of assets to be able to recognize the quality market participants and to diversify their investments right.

The work process is entirely on European level and our team wants to share more details about its development.

–  Discussing the initiative on local level is finalized – we have the support of the local P2P platforms and the Bulgarian FinTech Association as well.

–  The proposals are considered with proven institutions in the field – European Digital Finance Association (EDFA).

–  An invitation for discussion with stakeholders and an official address to the European Commission are forthcoming. The safety of the investments of our clients is the main priority of our team and it is in base of this initiative. The quality of the P2P sector depends on the unified work of all platforms and their partners. We work hard in order to ensure additional form of protection of our investors, which are the main participant in the process.

We will continue to share the most up-to-date information on the subject and remain at your disposal if you have any questions.

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