Top 3 investments of the future

The investment options today are numerous and each one requires a different level of knowledge. Their variety is also related to the degree of profitability they carry. Some of the sectors are steady – like gold, real estate, and credit. Others enjoy momentary interest. Others are in the process of being developed and will become reality very soon. The future is happening at a rapid pace, and it is time to think about how to invest our funds in a way that is useful to ourselves as well as to the next generations.

Here are some suitable areas for you to focus your attention on in the coming years:


Or as they call it – the business of the future. Biotechnology is the foundation of the philosophy for the development of the modern world. We are witnessing seismic changes in science and medicine. The human genome can now be read and analyzed for a price lower than that of your next smartphone, which is a significant downward change in the value of the service in less than five years. In a few years we will be able to correct most DNA abnormalities that affect us and eradicate most of the inherited diseases for which treatment is not yet available. Add to this the ambitious plans of many corporations around the world related to cloning people, 3D printing of artificial organs and other parts of the human body, bio-implants and biosensors, and you get the full picture of real investment opportunities that are just a step away.

Care for the elderly

With new biotechnology and the development of the pharmaceutical industry, the world’s population will not only increase, but logically also age. In the years to come, the number of people over 60 will grow and become more active – by the year 2050, they will be two billion or one third of the world. Nowadays, the elderly care industry is still shy, as the prejudice that they can not afford and do not wish for many things continues to dominate. But this development will take a sharp turn in just a few years along with the growing number of this segment of the population and, naturally, with the expansion of the spectrum of their social and health needs. So, if you are wondering what to do with your money, ask your parents or their parents what they need and try to invest in their dreams.

Cities of the future

Whether they are erected in the midst of the desert, such as the NEOM project in Saudi Arabia, or they float freely in open waters, powered by solar energy, the cities of the future will unite most of the above-mentioned things. In them, everything – biotechnology, health, education, infrastructure and public transport – will be tailored and will work for the people and their harmonious presence in the surrounding natural environment. Smart robots will offer services such as logistics, supplies, childcare and safety. The well-known traffic on highways and boulevards will be replaced by nature-friendly bike lanes, eco-paths and water canals on which silent vehicles will travel without any harmful emissions. This is happening everywhere in the world where progressive leaders come up with step-by-step inspirational plans for systemic change, and you, in your role as an investor, can also be a part of that.

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