The Welcome bonus program becomes indefinite!

The investors on iuvo had plenty of opportunities for additional profit in 2021. Besides attractive return rates, generated by investing, everyone had the right to take advantage of a campaign for receiving a bonus. This is valid for the active investors and for the newest members who joined iuvo’s family after May 2021.

And because, at iuvo, we like to reward those who want their money to work for them, starting 01.01.2022, the Welcome bonus campaign becomes indefinite! Yes, that’s right! Everyone that has joined iuvo and has added over 100 EUR will get a 0.75% bonus on their entire deposited and invested amount in their first 60 days. The maximum the bonus can reach is 150 EUR!

See the full terms HERE.

If you still have not made your first deposit or do not have a registration on iuvo, now is the right time to do it. Then verify your account and add funds. If you increase your investment in the first 60 days, your bonus will be higher. You decide its size.

If you have any questions, please contact our team – we will gladly assist you.

Make a brave step and make your funds work for you. It is easy with iuvo.

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