No deposit fees with Trustly

As you already know, in the world of P2P investing, easy, fast, and unproblematic online depositing is a determining factor for an enjoyable handling. Trustly is a licensed payment institution, widely known and used in 29 countries, supporting payments with over 3,300 banks. The biggest advantage of this method is that you can make instant online bank transfers directly through your mobile banking. No registration is required, just enter your online banking data and the funds are reflected in real time in your account. The only condition for using the payment method is to have an active bank account at one of the banks with which the platform works.

Trustly saves you time waiting for the transaction to be reflected. From June 11th to July 11th, the usual transfer fee to your iuvo account of 2.3% of the deposit value does not apply and you can make your transfers without it.

If you know Trustly well

If you fall into the group of investors who have already used Trustly, you already know the method very well. You know that the amount appears immediately in your account and that’s the main reason you choose to invest with Trustly. Now is the time to take advantage of our promotion, which gives you a month of loading your account through Trustly quickly and comfortably and … FREE OF CHARGE.

If you have a bank account, but you have not yet deposited with Trustly

If you are an active investor, you probably know that some of the shortcomings of bank transfers are the fees and the two days delay. Maybe it’s time to try an alternative method, namely Trustly. Trustly is a method that uses your active banking. With it, loading is quick and easy, as no registration is required. And at the same time, you meet the conditions of having a bank account at a Trustly’s partner bank. Now is the time to take advantage of the preferences of this type of deposit because for a period of one month the usual transfer fee to your iuvo account of 2.3% of the deposit value does not apply.

If you deposit through a bank account, but your bank does not work with Trustly

Trustly has already proven its advantages of an alternative and extremely fast deposit method. It is usually paid but is currently in a promotional period, which means depositing free of charge. You can take advantage of the promotion to test how the method works and to see if this option is the best for you. To do this, you can check out Trustly’s list of partner banks and decide if such a change will have a positive effect on the way you invest in iuvo.

If you have never invested in iuvo

If you are registered in iuvo but have not yet started investing, choose one of the deposit methods described here. The most popular online payment method among iuvo investors is Trustly. Many of our investors appreciate its advantages, among which the fast money transfer. This month even without the usual fee of 2.3% of the deposit value.

For a period of one month, Trustly is at your disposal free of charge. Take advantage of one of the most affordable and fast methods of alternative depositing in iuvo. Let your money work for you. Deposit free of charge with Trustly!

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