Special offers by Adwisers until 31.03.2021

Adwisers extends the period of the promotional campaign by the end of March. Our Romanian originator Adwisers will offer even better terms to all investors on iuvo from 04.02 to 31.03.2021.

What will they be?

  30-day buyback guarantee for all newly listed loans and all currently available ones with maturity over 18 months.

  10% interest rate

Adwisers is a nonbank financial institution, specialized in financing SMEs, bridge loans for EU funded projects, and personal loans. The company is part of iuvo’s family since summer 2019 and our partnership has been very successful. In October, the originator shared important details about their performance with our investors, which help you make informed decision about your investments.

Take advantage of the special terms, which Adwisers offers you from 04.02.2021. Successful investments await you!

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