SN Finance with positive growth as of Q3 2022

SN Finance is a credit company from North Macedonia, leader and innovator on the local market of financial services. The company became a loan originator on iuvo just in June 2022, but it became one of the most preferred originators on the platform very quickly, for which their promo campaign for loans with 9% interest and 30-day buyback also contributes.

SN Finance provide information about their development as of Q3 2022, and what can be observed is maintaining a positive trend for growth.

  • The company increased their branch network from 14 active branches in 10 cities and 113 partners as of the end of 2021 to 20 branches and 153 partners as of the end of Q3 2022.
  • They continue with the hard work to realize their plans for opening offices in Albania and Bosna. They have started a procedure for registering a company in Albania, and about Bosna and Herzegovina, they are still in the process of negotiating.
  • The company has 18% growth in the loan portfolio. In 2022, it has grown from €8,3M to €9,8M.
  • The rate of non-performing loans is maintained in the low ranges and it is 2.29%.
  • SN Finance continues to maintain a positive growth trend and as of Q3 2022, they have realized Operating income in the size of €3,06M, which is around 84% of the realized income for the entire 2021.
  • As of 09.2022, the realized net financial result is profit in the size of €1,16M. This is growth with nearly 85% compared to 2021.
  • The projections of SN Finance are to continue having a positive trend for growth and to finish 2022 with a higher profit than the previous year.

Get informed and realize profit with SN Finance and iuvo.

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