Say ‘hello’ to iuvo

Iuvo is one of the latest peer-to-peer investment platforms in Europe. We are based in Estonia, and we launched in August 2016.

Since we managed to generate investments worth approximately 1 000 000 EUR for six months, we continue to develop while focusing on what we always considered essential for us: strong security and high return on investments.

At iuvo investors will discover an opportunity to diversify their portfolio of loans with an annual return up to 12% provided by the biggest Bulgarian originator – Easy Credit.

At the moment all loans on the platform have buyback guarantee, whereas the whole investment process is extremely simplified with our auto invest tool.

A few new originators are about to be added to the platform and to implement new features that will make the investment process easier and quicker.

Register now, generate a high return and be the first to discover new features on the platform!

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