Save and earn with iuvoSAVE

You want to invest in P2P but you do not have the time to create different strategies and to monitor the market? Save and earn with iuvoSAVE – our alternative to the bank deposit. Invest easy, with just a couple of clicks, with clear and permanent terms. You get fixed interest and period, an option for quick liquidity, saved time.

My profit with iuvoSAVE

You choose between three products and you can have an investment in more than one simultaneously. Your possibilities with iuvoSAVE are:

  • 5% fixed annual interest and 3 months fixed period;
  • 6% fixed annual interest and 6 months fixed period;
  • 7% fixed annual interest and 12 months fixed period.

Which product of iuvoSAVE to choose?

Usually, investors that want to just try it first before making a more serious investment go for the 3-month product because of its shortest maturity. The 6-month product is strongly preferred among the investors because it still has a very short maturity but higher interest as well. The 12-month product is preferred by those investors whose main goal is to generate as higher interest as possible.

Minimum amount for investing in all products is 100 EUR/100 BGN. Maximum amount for investing in the 3-month product is 50 000 EUR/100 000 BGN, and for the 6-month and 12-month – 1 000 000 EUR/2 000 000 BGN.

Convenience and predictability with iuvoSAVE

The amount is entirely invested for the selected period and it gets available among with the generated interest on the due date. If you would like to continue to earn, select “Product renewal”, as you have the option to reinvest only the principal or together with the received interest.

Add more funds to an investment that has already started, so you can generate profit for a bigger part of your savings but without changing the end date. The interest starts generating on the increased balance after the date the new sum is added.

If you need your money, you have an option for quick liquidity by making an early withdrawal. You get to keep the interest and the same end date. You can make an early withdrawal for up to 10 000 EUR/10 000 BGN per calendar month per single product of iuvoSAVE separately.
The fee for an early withdrawal is 1% of the withdrawn amount. This fee does not apply if the withdrawal is after the end date.

Why is iuvoSAVE the preferred place for my savings?

The convenience and attractive interest rates make iuvoSAVE an option that is more and more preferred among the investors. Due to the same reasons, the number of people that want to replace their bank deposit with an investment in iuvoSAVE also increases and the results speak for themselves. Just for the past 4 months, the invested amount in iuvoSAVE has increased 5 times. Undoubtedly the future of finance is digital and intuitive, and proof for that is the high growth rate of the FinTech industry.

Try it yourself. Make your savings work for you with iuvoSAVE.

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