“Refer-a-Friend” program with new terms

The satisfaction and the profit from investing with iuvo are even higher when you share them. Participate in our “Refer-a-Friend” program and invite unlimited number of friends. We would like to rejoice you with the news that you will be able to gain higher bonuses.

The feedback from our clients is especially important to our team. Exactly your feedback is what motivated us to make changes to our program, and to give you opportunities to gain more. Gain up to 150 euro for each person you refer if you meet the following steps:

Step 1: If you still do not have a registration on iuvo, now is the moment to join our growing family. Our investors have average annual return rate of 9.2%, and our team will assist you in order to get the best out of your funds.

Step 2: You can participate in the program after a successful registration and a deposit of an amount that is equal or higher than 2000 euro (or an equivalent amount in another currency). Please keep in mind that this sum does not include received interest and bonuses.

Step 3: Fill the form with names and emails of the friends you would like to refer HERE. They have to register and deposit over 2000 euro (or an equivalent amount in another currency) within two months after your referral.

The bonuses will be received within 3 working days after investing the deposited amount in loans on the Primary market.

Step 4: Check your account for a bonus.

What it can be?

–  If the person you referred, deposits an amount between 2000 and 3500 euro (incl.), each of you will receive a 1% bonus of the deposited amount by your friend. (between 20 and 35 euro).

–  If the referred person makes a deposit over 3500 euro, each of you will receive 1,5% of the deposited amount. The maximum bonus you can receive is 150 euro.

Full Terms and Conditions of the program can be found HERE.

Please remember that the investors, who remain loyal to iuvo and constantly take advantage of its functionalities, gain higher yield. Your funds are safe and are working for you. The good return and additional bonuses are just one click away if you invest actively. Our team will gladly answer you if you have any questions about the program. Happy investing with iuvo!

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