“Refer a Friend” with new terms since 11.04.2022

We present you the new permanent terms for the bonus program “Refer a Friend”. We make the program accessible for more investors by decreasing the minimum invested amount requirement for the referred party and we remove it for the referring party. Additional bonus is added, the maximum amount of the bonus is increased, and the bonus percent for the referring party is increased.

How to get a bonus with the “Refer a Friend” program and what size it is going to be in?

  • Deposit and invest with iuvoP2P – the minimum amount for the referred party is €100, the referring party has no requirements for minimum invested amount.
  • The bonus percent for the referring party, depending on its profile status and invested amount by the referred party, now is: Starter – 2%; Silver – 2.5%; Gold – 3%.
  • The bonus percent for the referred party is 0.75%.
  • The maximum amount of the bonus for both parties, depending on the status profile of the referring party, now is: Starter – €200; Silver – €250; Gold – 300€.
  • Besides that, we add an additional bonus for both parties in the size of €10.
  • The funds must be actively invested for 3 months.
  • The bonus is received in the iuvo accounts within 3 business days after the three-month period ends and all terms are fulfilled.

To participate in the “Refer a Friend” bonus program, please fill in this form.

Read the new full terms of the program HERE.
If you have any questions, please contact our team via chat, email, or phone.

Help your friends generate profit from their funds, just like you do – with iuvo.

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