“Refer a Friend” is accessible for everyone until 10.04.2022

Refer a Friend” is the classic bonus program of iuvo. It launched in 2017 and it is constantly active. Since then, 5626 investors received bonuses amount of 295000.

Now “Refer a Friend” is with promotional terms and it is most accessible than ever!

From 24.02.2022 until 10.04.2022, inclusive, all registered investors on iuvo can refer friends who want to generate profit from their funds.

No minimum requirements on the invested amount for referring and referred parties! The invested funds in loans with iuvoP2P are taken into account and the investment in iuvoUP as well.

Refer unlimited number of friends and invest together in the period of the campaign.

The size of the bonus is a percent of the deposited and invested sum of the referred party. The percent depends on the profile’s status of the referring party, as follows:

  • Starter – 1.5% and up to €150;
  • Silver2% and up to €200;
  • Gold3% and up to €300.

If the referred party increases their invested amount in the period of the campaign, the amount of the bonus also increases.

Fill in this form to participate in the “Refer a Friend” program with promotional terms.

The bonus is received by both parties within 3 business days after the amount has been actively invested for 3 months in P2P loans and/or iuvoUP.

See the full promotional terms HERE. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Help your friends to get familiar with iuvo and to generate profit from their funds, just like you do! Take advantage of the opportunities for additional profit, which iuvo provides you with.

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