A quarter of a million investment in iuvo in less than two months

What have we achieved?

Seven weeks after our official start, we are ready to offer you the first data to show who we are and what the opportunities we provide to our users.

For the short time, we are on the Bulgarian peer-to-peer lending market, we have been able to attract investments totaling more than a quarter million leva. The share of purchases in euro, which are 65% and those in BGN, predominate – 35%. More than 300 investors from four countries have already trusted us and took credit exposures of nearly BGN 2 million, including 617,000 euros.

We expect to offer our current and future customers average returns of up to 12% per year.

We are a peer-to-peer lending platform, where the interests of consumers (investors), seeking high returns and lenders from the non-bank financial sector (so-called ” loan originators”) meet.

In iuvo, you can buy different types of loans from a variety of “originators” and countries. The high level of control we provide allows you to determine the portfolio of credits you buy, the desired return, and the level of risk that suits your preferences.

We strive to maximize the risk control for all our investors through the buyback guarantee we offer. It ensures that the loan originator (the creditor) undertakes to redeem the loan from the investor at par value in case the borrower stops servicing his obligations.

By the end of the year, we plan many new investment opportunities. Get to know the platform and start investing today.

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