Promotional terms of the “Loyal investor” campaign

In 2021, we launched a generous bonus campaign for active investors. The program is of great interest not only due to the attractive additional profit you can get but because of the fact that you can participate more than once. As a result, bonuses on the total amount of over 45 000 were received by the active investors who increased their balance in iuvo by over €2000 in the period.

We have two very good news for you regarding the program, on the occasion of the upcoming holidays.

1. The period in which you can participate in the bonus campaign for active investors is extended and now it is 16.12.2021 – 31.01.2022.

2. The other good news is actually better than the first one – the bonuses you can get are higher:

  • 1,5% and up to €500 for all investors not part of the exclusive iuvo clubs
  • 2% and up to €500 for members of the Silver Club of iuvo
  • 2,5% and up to €750 for members of the Gold Club of iuvo.

Please pay attention that the campaign for loyal investors will not be over on 31.01.2022. You will have the chance to continue getting bonuses with funds that you keep adding to your iuvo profile after this date if you are part of the Silver or Gold clubs of iuvo.
The bonus percent you will get after 01.02.2022 will be 1.5% for Silver and 2% for Gold. This way, you will be able to keep increasing your profit on iuvo with the program. Find out which club you are part of from the badge in your profile.

With iuvo, you are at the right place in order to get more of everything.

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