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Promo offers on iuvo in April

One of the things we love the most at iuvo is to provide opportunities for getting additional profit.

In April, we have some mouth-watering offers.

iuvoSAVE: 8% fixed interest and 12 months period

Easy-to-use alternative for your savings. The fixed interest and period give you predictability with clear terms because you know the exact amount you will receive and exactly when you will receive it. You also have a quick liquidity option.

Access Finance and AXI Card: 1% higher interest than the standard

Get 8.5% annual return with their 6-month loans and 9% interest with their 12-month loans.

Easy Credit, Viva Credit, iCredit: Up to 2% higher interest than the standard

The interest by score class goes up to:
A class + 2% more = up to 8% interest;
B class + 2% more = up to 8.48% interest;
C class + 2% more = up to 9% interest;
D class + 2% more = up to 9.3% interest;
E class + 1% more = up to 11.22% interest;
HR class + 1% more = up to 13.44% interest.

We remind you that the funds added to a product of iuvoSAVE or invested in loans of the aforementioned originators have group guarantee by Management Financial Group (MFG).

Hurry up and take advantage now, in April. Increase your profit with iuvo!

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