Performance of the P2P sector in Europe

Europe, the birthplace of the first P2P platform in the world, has enjoyed a spectacular growth in the sector of alternative financing. The fast-developing investment culture helps the evolution of the P2P platforms in Europe.

Investors from the “old continent” are now well educated about the fact that platforms such as iuvo are the future of the financial industry. It is prognosed that the area of FinTech is going to continue its overwhelming expansion. Individuals and companies looking to invest intelligently are already aware of the advantages of P2P. More and more of them are choosing to increase their savings through digital services, instead of traditional methods.

The time of P2P investments

The rapid growth of P2P investments is truly noticeable and nothing short of mesmerising. And all of that is, of course, backed by rock-solid numbers.

According to data by Forbes, the market of alternative finances in continental Europe grew by the incredible 101% in 2016. This led to the decentralization of the financial power far from London, which caused a reduction of the British capital’s market share by 8%.

Another undisputable proof of the rapid growth of the peer-to-peer industry in Europe is the fact that there are now huge amounts of institutional investments fuelling it.

The statistics are truly impressive and the industry is set to expand a lot further. From $26 billion in 2015, the P2P sector is expected to grow to $460bn by 2022, according to Research and Markets.

It’s a matter of trust

All data points out to the reasonable conclusion, which explains the impressive growth of the P2P industry – it’s all about trust.

The outstanding results in numbers are a direct evidence of the fact that more and more individuals and companies are putting their trust in the peer-to-peer investing.

It is not difficult to explain this phenomenon, because the P2P transactions are known with their transparency, ease of operations, and complete control over your transactions and money flow. They contrast with the inflexible and confusing traditional forms of investments.

We are proud that we are at the forefront of an industry with a growing portfolio and steady expansion. We are incredibly proud of managing to triple our turnover in the span of the past year. This gives us the confidence we need to continue earning our clients’ trust and exceed their expectations.

Thinking in the long-term

Just like the very P2P niche, iuvo is not only here to stay, but to thrive and offer highly profitable passive income to our increasing number of clients.

We are focused on building lasting and trustworthy partnerships that we not only mediate, but encourage and stimulate through our services. For the past 12 months the average annual interest rate that our investors achieve is 9.2%, which by far exceeds what the traditional forms of long-term investments offer.

We should highlight that we are talking about the average return rate. In reality returns on investments made through iuvo may reach up to 15% annually, depending on each individual case.

And we are only just getting started! Our structured growth as a company and our clients’ wholehearted trust oblige us to continue expanding in the years to come. Our investors can be sure that their investments are safe and that the interest rates will remain unchanged. The only variable here actually is the number of friends and partners they will tell about iuvo – and that is obviously on the increase, too.

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