Paysera – safe transactions and low fees

Safe transactions and low fees – this is how we can describe Paysera. Let’s start from the beginning. Paysera is the first fintech and e-money company in Lithuania. They started operating back in 2004 when the financial transactions that we are used to today have been inchoate. Led by their mission to create a world where transactions are limitless, convenient, fast, and accessible for everybody, regardless of their location. The founders Kostas Noreika and Šarūnas Broga started an e-store payment company, and later on – access for individuals to payments worldwide.

Making a deposit from Paysera directly to your iuvo account is possible since 2017. This is one of the first payment methods we offered to our investors – on one hand you have fast and convenient transactions, and on the other – excellent fee rates. Iuvo has a Paysera account, which allows you to make fast and free of charge transfers. Having a personal Paysera account also allows you to make international transactions starting from the price of 0.15 euro for company accounts, and 0 euro for individuals. This e-money company gives you the opportunity to fund your investor’s account fast and easy, (almost) real-time. This way your money can start working for you in the span of couple of hours – from your digital wallet to your investor’s portfolio. Speaking of charges, we have to mention that Paysera offers one of the best terms on the market. Over 70% of iuvo’s investors have used this method.

The platform is a well-oiled machine and it is completely digitalized. Convenience, speed, and good terms, combined in a multi-currency account. The client can use multiple financial instruments for local and international transactions with minimal fees. Iuvo’s RON account is a Paysera one. This allows you to make transfers in different currencies, and diversify your portfolio.

Sepa transactions, real-time currency exchange, virtual POS, e-wallet, online tickets, and more are also supported by their system.

If you still have not tested what Paysera offers you, we strongly advise you to do it soon. You will rediscover making deposits and the satisfaction from investing in iuvo.

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