P2P Investment vs Stock Trading

When people think of “investing” or “trading”, there are certain traditional methods that always come to mind. Perhaps stock trading is among the most popular associations, along with bank deposits or bonds. This however is changing and in the 21st century new investment opportunities are emerging, fueled by the advance of technology and the dynamics of modern life. Old investment opportunities are becoming rigid, insecure and most importantly, less profitable.

The issue
Today we`d specifically like to focus on stock trading and examine how it compares to P2Pinvesting. It is also important to consider what kind of trader you are or want to become – someone who`s looking for a quick profit or someone who needs security, trust and long-term return on investment.

Stock Trading
Trading securities has been around for quite some time, originating back in the 18th century when times were very different. As you probably know, it relies on the value of a given security going up or down in order to turn profit and the main challenge is to precisely predict that direction. In its very essence stock trading involves a great deal of unpredictability and consequently risk.

Nowadays we live in adequately stable economic conditions and there are many companies that are doing well, perceived as top trading opportunities, but for many this kind of investment involves a great deal of capital, time and resource, along with substantial economic knowledge. Plainly put, it is not accessible for most people.

Let`s take a look at some numbers. According to statistics, the average profitability of the general stock market (after adjustment for inflation) for the period of 1950 to 2009 is 7%. But remember, this involves major fluctuations and means that some of the investors made a lot of money, while other lost it all. The ones who made profit are mostly educated economists and professionals, who`ve devoted their lives to trading.

P2P Investment
On the other hand, investing in P2P loans is a relatively new opportunity, designed to be accessible and profitable both for professionals and beginners. It relies on a completely different approach, with a much higher long-term profitability guarantee. The average return on the investment is 8% and it can be achieved by any of our users, regardless of their experience. All it takes is a bit of time to learn how to use the platform and its features.
This is a type of investment that focuses on making profit in the long-run and cannot yield very fast results, but it is stable and reliable, ideal for anyone who wants his money to work for him. The user can hand pick the loans he wants to invest in, or use the auto-invest feature that does all the work and earns stable profit. There is no need to perform complicated market analyses or constantly follow economic news. All it takes is consistency and commitment. Remember that this is a long-term investment.

Why invest with iuvo?
One of our main goals at iuvo was to make investing safe and remove factors that are difficult to predict, like the ones at play in stock trading. Furthermore, we offer a buy-back guarantee on any loan that defaults, so you can be brave when creating your investment portfolio and trying out different strategies.

We have a dedicated customer support team that will answer any question you might have or even guide you through the creation of your first portfolio. You can reach us anytime via the live chat, phone or email and we`ll answer all your questions, no matter where you`re from.

Over 6000 people have already placed their trust in us and are investing in P2P loans every day, earning small percentages from many different class loans, compounding interest and generating long-term stable profits. Our users come from 108 different countries and we welcome each one of them. Care to try as well?

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