P2P lending – high return and controlled risk

Where to invest our money? It is a frequently asked question in times of low-interest rates on deposits, high fees of a large part of the mutual funds and also low liquidity on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.

P2P lending is one answer to this question – an online platform that offers to you the opportunity to invest with a sum of your choice, free of charge for all registered investors and high returns at a controlled risk.

Iuvo is a peer-to-peer lending market that meets investors looking for high returns with creditors from the non-banking financial sector (originators). In iuvo, you will be able to invest in different types of credits from various loan originators and countries. You will also be able to determine the portfolio yourself, the desired return and risk levels. Peer-to-peer investment is a service that has been running for years on the European financial market.

You should bear in mind that all creditors, also called loan originators, are duly registered non-bank financial institutions operating in the EU. They undergo a thorough analysis of their portfolio and processes to offer reliable and diverse loans to our investors. Iuvo platform is registered in Estonia, which is known as one of the most advanced European markets in this type of investment and a high level of use of Internet technologies. The platform does not offer loans, but an investment service – each of us has the opportunity to invest in the loans provided by the non-bank financial institutions with which the platform operates.

Iuvo can invest both physical and legal entities. The only requirements for this are: Individuals must be over 18 years old, have a valid bank account on their behalf within the EU and their identity is confirmed by iuvo. Legal entities must also have a valid bank account on their behalf within the EU. Their data and source of funds will also be audited by iuvo, by the abovementioned regulations on money laundering and terrorist financing (AML / CFT).

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