P2P for Millennials

If you were born after 1983 and most of your life depends on digital technologies, it means that you can proudly call yourself a Millennial. You easily adapt to new products, mobile apps, programs, operational systems, and multitasking does not scare you. You represent the generation that has an average of 80 interactions with their phone per day, it uses at least four screens at the same time, it uses their home tech remotely, does not trust ads, and has more trust in what they touch with the tip of their fingers – their smartphone screen. And last but not least – in comparison with previous generations, a very high percent of Millennials is financially literate and have specific financial goals in life.

If you find yourself in the written above, it means that you are at the right place. They have told you that after you have accomplished some basic things in life – have a good job, a cozy home, maybe a family and even kids, you do sports, you travel, and you even have time for a hobby, it is time to think of the future. For an enterprising and risk-loving person like you, having a bank deposit may not be the most exciting adventure. P2P platforms come to the rescue.

Latest research says that more than half of P2P investors in Europe are Millennials. They will not think twice if they have to invest their time and money in innovative technologies. Many of them are ready to withdraw their bank deposits and to redirect them to the P2P sector because of the convenience, safety and high profit that it offers. For example, iuvo offers up to 15% yield on annual basis. Another very important reason is the trust Millennials have in P2P. A big part of the people between the age of 20 and 35 have a close friend, who invests in P2P loans and makes good profit out of it. Millennials trust their friends because for them the word of mouth is a stronger instrument than direct marketing.

People in the age range of 18-35 have friends, who know that they will achieve way more with P2P investing than with cryptocurrencies trading or on the Stock Market, obligations, precious metals, bank deposits, or mutual funds. For all these things, a high level of expertise will be needed, as well as patience of steel, and a very skillful agent, who will guide you through the process of investing. P2P platforms, on the other hand, are easily accessible and a direct online solution, that is perfect for new investors without any experience. It is not even needed to have a high available capital. You can read more about the first steps of P2P investing here.
We, the team of iuvo, remain at your disposal to answer all your questions.

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