Official statements of iuvo’s originators in regards to the pandemic

Each and every one of iuvo’s originators has proven itself as a trustworthy partner. Part of the reason for the success of our collaboration is owed to the communication between us. It is important to us, as well as to them, iuvo’s investors to be informed about the measures taken and what they can expect. The influence of the current situation proves to us that it is extremely important to act timely, to share how the pandemic affects our business, and to be as responsible as possible.

Our team is proactively communicating with the people, responsible for our originators’ business, and we are constantly finding the answers to your questions. We would like to give you the opportunity to get familiar with the official statements of our partners and to find out more about the reaction of their business at the moment.

Galin Todorov and Angel Madzhirov –
The first ever originator in iuvo – since July 2016
You can read the full statement HERE.

In the context of the situation, EasyCredit’s team is appealing to iuvo’s investors to ensure them that the company remains stable and it will continue to be a trustworthy partner, and a leader in the market of personal loans in Bulgaria. The company once again proved with its actions, achieved results, and the hard work of its team, that it can successfully manage its business, even in the occurred situation. With our 15 years of experience, we proved that EasyCredit is a responsible and stable company, that understands the needs of its clients, as well as the needs and the challenges of the market. EasyCredit (alongside with iuvo) is part of Management Financial Group (MFG) – a holding, that contains in its structure leading companies, specialized in the field of nonbank financial services in Central and Eastern Europe.

Alexander Melis – CEO (Ibancar World SL)
Originator in iuvo – since June 2019.
You can read the full statement HERE.

Ibancar keeps its positions as a developing and a resilient company, with a loan portfolio, completely collateralized with automobiles of its borrowers, with an average LTV of 39%, and low default rates at the moment – 6,5%. As a result of the collateral, the collection of capital from defaulted loans in the past 5 years is over 100%. These extraordinary results are a sign that the loans of Ibancar are and will continue to be one of the most secure P2P investments, available on the market.

Ibancar continues to successfully work with its P2P partners, with which we are in a constant communication. Our mid-term plans have not changed and we intend to continue supporting the wider P2P market.

Viva Credit
Desislava Dimitrova – CEO
Originator in iuvo – since March 2017
The full statement, you can read HERE.

Viva Credit is among the preferred fast lending companies in Bulgaria, and it has proven itself as a trustworthy partner of iuvo throughout the years. As one of the main originators on iuvo, we would like to appeal to all investors and respond to all of their questions, regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

 As a responsible company, operating in the fast lending market for over 7 years, Viva Credit uses an internationally recognized platform for risk assessment, and it also counts on its experienced specialists in the field. The company is also part of Management Financial Group (MFG). Viva Credit offers its clients an insurance with the loan, that covers circumstances, occurred as a result of COVID-19. The necessary hygienic measures are taken in all offices of the company.

Gabriel Cret
u – CEO
Originator in iuvo since July 2019.
The full statement, you can read HERE.

Adwisers has proven itself as a responsible credit institution throughout the years. Not only do we have solid financial results, but we are also evaluated as a trustworthy partner.

Main focus of the company is: relationships that are built on trust, mutual respect, flexibility. Our team follows all changes of the legal regulations, that are happening in Romania, all measures taken for the private sector, and discusses them with our clients in order to inform and help them to take advantage, especially the ones that have been affected the most (ex.: loans, granted from the country, taxation option). Our employees work from home, which allows them to react faster.

Alben Mitarev –
CEO of iCredit Romania
Originator in iuvo since October 2017
You can read the full statement HERE.

ICredit is appealing to all investors on the platform with up-to-date information in regards to the measures taken about the current situation in the World.

The achieved results, that we daily analyze, give us confidence that the reaction of the company is timely and successful, and we continue to be a trustworthy ally of our clients and partners. ICredit changes the limits of some types of loans, and refines its lending to individuals, working in the most economically affected sectors due to the pandemic. ICredit introduces an extra risk evaluation and a variety of financial reliefs to different client groups. The company is part of Management Financial Group, alongside with iuvo, Easy Credit, and Viva Credit. Since its founding almost 10 years ago, iCredit is among the preferred fast lending companies in Romania, with its 111 offices and over 1600 employees in the country.

Daniels JuknaCEO
Originator in iuvo since February 2020.
The full statement, you can read HERE.

Management and the analytical team of NordCard actively follows the situation, in which the European economy and financial markets are at the moment. We regularly analyze the data and take proactive measures in order to protect our company, our clients and the investors, in our loans in the current global situation.

Part of the other measures that we have taken are: collecting payments more actively, faster reaction with delayed payments, reminding our clients for upcoming payments more often.

Artur Geisari
Originator in iuvo since March 2020
You can read the full statement HERE.

The adaptive and innovative way of work of Monify place us among the leading companies in business crediting in the Baltic countries and Poland. Monify has received requests for restricting of the loans from its client, in regards to COVID-19. Only the requests, where there is a detailed explanation and related documentation, are being approved. Considering the current number of such requests, the money flow of the company is under control.

Fast Finance
Adrian Cocora CEO
Originator in iuvo since Aug 2018
You can read the full statement HERE.

Fast Finance offers it’s clients the possibility to renegotiate some of the listed loans on iuvo, including: up to 5 months principal gratis duration and extending the loan period accordingly to the gratis period of the principal. We no longer accept new clients for the next period. We will continue to credit clients who have a good payment history with us in order to provide them
with the capital they need to maintain their business. We will focus our efforts to monitor all contracts and each customer individually, so that we can
quickly identify any potential problems in complying with monthly payments.

We believe that information is the key to the right investment decisions. Be an active investor in iuvo, keep or increase your balance, and we are going to be here for you as always.

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