Official statement by Monify

Our team has been in non-stop contact with our family of originators and together, we manage to face the challenges which the current situation brings. Our focus remains unchanged – to protect our investors’ interest.

Following our practice, we would like to share with you the official statement by one of the originators in iuvo – Monify.

The company will give its clients the opportunity to renegotiate some of the listed loans on iuvo, including:

–  From 1 to 3 months full grace period on principal and interest or grace period covering only the principal – depending on the agreement between Monify and the borrower

–  The grace period extends the deadline for repayment of the loan

–  During the negotiated term extension, Monify will be paying interest to the investors in the form of “late fee payments” on every 25th of the month (in case of principle grace period)

We will keep you informed about all the news and important updates, regarding your investments.

Read the full statement from Artur Geisari – CEO of Monify, HERE.

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