Official statement by KFP

The current situation, which we continue to analyze, brings challenges and unpredictable changes, but together with our partners we manage find the best possible outcomes and solutions. As you know, the iuvo team has been in non-stop contact with our family of originators and we are working always with the main focus in sight – to protect our investors’ interest.

We would like to share with you the official statement from one of our originators – KFP (Kapitałowy Fundusz Pożyczkowy S.A, or currently known as CBC S.A.).

Following our update on the issue from Monday, we worked out an agreement that will best protect our investors’ interest while allowing the company to manage the challenges caused by the Covid-19 in Poland.

The company will apply the following changes to all listed KFP loans in iuvo:

  • Up to 3 months principal gratis duration from the date of the last payment
  • Extension of the loan period accordingly to the gratis period of the principal
  • During the negotiated term extension, the originator will be paying interest to the investors in the form of “late fee payments” on every 25th of the month

We will keep you informed and updated on all the news and important details, regarding your investments.

Read the full statement from Bogusław Kruczek, President of the Management Board of KFP, HERE.

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