Ocean Credit: The new originator on iuvo

After the exceptionally successful 2021, we continue growing by expanding the market prospects for our investors in 2022. We gladly announce that we welcome a new loan originator in the family of iuvo – Ocean Credit!

Specially for the investors on iuvo, Ocean Credit exclusively provides a guarantee in the form of co-debt by the UBO and the holding. This means that besides the credit company, its owner and the holding it is part of take responsibility for your funds!

What do you get more with investments in Ocean Credit:

  • Loans in EUR with interest rate up to 10%
  • 6-month maturity according to a predefined repayment plan
  • Score class A loans
  • 60-day buyback on the principal
  • Skin in the game 30%

Who is Ocean Credit?

Ocean Credit is a Romanian non-bank financial institution, founded in 2015. The company has a diversified portfolio of products in consumer lending: payday loans, short-term installment loans, and revolving line of credit. It operates on a regulated financial market, which minimizes the risk for you, as an investor, and it is also part of a holding structure – OC Global Limited.
The focus of Ocean Credit is in 100% digital loans, quickness, accessibility, and functionality. The management of the company has extensive experience in the financial sector, which is a factor that helps the positive trends of the business growth.

Learn more about Ocean Credit HERE.

Invest in Ocean Credit with iuvo and achieve your goals!

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