NordCard with new promotional terms

NordCard celebrates 2 years of partnership with iuvo and offers promotional terms for the investors.

All listed loans on the platform from today until 28.02.2022, inclusive, will be with: 

  • shorter period – 24 months
  • 8% interest

Take advantage of the promotional campaign and invest today. Get a 60-day buyback on the principal and interest for your investments.

NordCard is a fintech company, based in Latvia, which operates entirely online. It offers attractive credit opportunities and excellent service to its clients. On iuvo, NordCard offers personal loans with borrowers from score class A only, as the company keeps 30% skin in the game of each loan.

In addition, we share with you a short statement from the credit company regarding the 2-year partnership with us:

“Despite challenging two years during the pandemic, cooperation with Iuvo has been very successful, expert-based and transparent. Payment guarantees, various campaigns with special offers, and investors’ trust are just some of the positive features of NordCard that were achieved only because investors showed great interest and iuvo’s flexibility, professionality, and fairness. Thanks to the our valuable investors and Iuvo platform, NordCard is approaching a customer portfolio totalling € 3 000 000. Individual approach is the key to a great partnership, and Iuvo did all 100% to achieve it.”

The work of our team is focused on providing the best investor experience. We choose partners that have the same focus like us and successfully overcome the challenges in the best possible way. When we work together, the success is visible.

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