NordCard with new interest rates and promo terms

NordCard are unarguably among the preferred originators on iuvo as a result of the attractive terms they offer. Our partners from Latvia list loans only in A class, with buyback on principal and interest, and high interest rates.

Their skills for successful business management help them in offering attractive investment opportunities on iuvo because they know what you want as an investor and they provide it to you.

Now NordCard updated their interest rates and you can invest in ther loans with interest between 8% and 10% on annual basis.

Besides this news, our partners offer you a promotional campaign for a shorter period for buyback activation – 30 days instead of 60! The promotional buyback campaign is valid for the period 04.04-30.04. We would like to remind you that in case of delay of the repayment by a borrower, NordCard will recover not only your remaining principal but the interest according to the payment schedule as well.

The campaign is valid for all available for investment loans of NordCard and for all loans they list on our market in the promotional period.

Invest in NordCard loans with 30-day buyback and higher interest. Increase your portfolio with iuvo.

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