NordCard with new promotional terms in February

We celebrate one year of successful partnership with NordCard and together we want to provide you with better terms for investing. Our innovative originator from Latvia starts a promotional campaign for all investors on iuvo in February.

–  All loans listed between 01.02 and 28.02 will have shorter maturity – 24 months.

–  10% interest rate of all listed loans.

The good partnerships we build help iuvo grow every day. Here is what the management of NordCard shared about our work together in the past year:

„Despite a challenging 2020, the collaboration between Iuvo and NordCard has been very successful and transparent. NordCard trusted the advice of iuvo’s experts, and iuvo received special offers from NordCard, such as a payment guarantee, which was introduced to allow investors to earn even more profit. All this was feasible only because Iuvo showed great interest and high performance, as well as flexibility, professionality, and fairness. Individual approach is the key to a great partnership, and iuvo did all 100% to achieve it.“

And to make the offer even better, we would like to remind you that the company offers “payment guarantee” – in case of non-repayment by the borrower, the buyback guarantee recovers not only the principle but the interest according to the payment schedule as well.

Together with NordCard, we provide even better opportunities for your funds. The investments on iuvo await you. Start now!

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