Again No Deposit Fee with Trustly

Fast, easy, problem-free – wishes of each investor when depositing money into their account. And there is one solution – Trustly. You can deposit funds in iuvo without a transfer fee by using Trustly until 15.12.2019!

The advantages of the platform are several, but the main one is that when you deposit using Trustly your money is reflected in your investor account with iuvo in real time and you can invest it in credits immediately. Trustly is a licensed payment platform known and used in 29 countries and covering a network of more than 3,300 banks. Depositing by Trustly is easy as a child’s play directly through the mobile banking application on your phone or computer. The only requirement is that you should have an active account with a bank with which the platform operates.

Johan Sundström, Head of Sales – Financial Services at Trustly tells us more about the platform’s functionalities, how it operates and when it was launched, development trends and its partnership with iuvo.

  • Tell us more about you and your work at Trustly
    My name is Johan Sundström and I am Head of Sales – Financial Services at Trustly. In my line of work I try to find interesting companies for us to partner with. Iuvo really fits that bill.


  • Tell us more about Trustly’s business model

In short, Trustly is a fast, simple, and secure way for consumers to pay directly from their bank account. Trustly is a licensed payment institution that makes online bank payments fast, simple, and secure. We’re integrated with over  3,300 banks across Europe and we support most authentication methods that the banks offer. No need to sign up or create an account, simply use your online bank credentials.

  • What are the advantages of your payment method vs. the well-known others?

Using Trustly is both easy, fast and safe. First, you select Trustly as the payment method in the checkout. Then you’re presented with the available banks in your country. Without leaving your iuvo account, you log in to your internet bank as per normal. Finally, you choose the account from which to pay (checking, savings, etc.) and authenticate the payment. All this, without having to enter any manual bank account number, etc. Most transactions are completed instantly. There is virtually no way to make a mistake, the payment process is very intuitive and all is done with information you most likely know by heart.

  • How and why did you decide to become partners with iuvo?

Iuvo drew my attention since they are an innovative supplier of investment opportunities. This is a growing market and iuvo is at the forefront. They are the link between investors and originators – but in a way that is innovatively simple. We believe that iuvo and Trustly is a perfect match.

  • What do you think is distinguishing about iuvo from other platforms you are partners with?

What I believe characterize iuvo is the constant strive to simplify. Today tech is developing very fast and new components are constantly appearing. It is within this environment that iuvo manages to ensure that their platform is, not only state-of-the-art, but easy to use. This is were iuvo is creating an excellent customer experience.

  • What advice would you give to the investors who are the beginning of depositing in iuvo?

I would first congratulate them on a good platform choice and also recommend them to try Trustly when depositing to experience the full simplicity of using both iuvo platform and Trustly when depositing.

  • What do you think is the future of payment platforms like Trustly?

Online bank payments as a payment method is growing globally. In many markets, this is the preferred way to pay and studies predict that in three years, it will surpass credit cards in popularity in Europe.

There are many reasons for this. More convenient authentication methods are making online bank payments easier than ever. Many banks have recently put large efforts into developing easy-to-use, mobile solutions for digital authentication. But we also see a regulatory shift towards open banking in many markets.

Trustly has been active within this area for the past 10 years. Following closely the shift towards open banking and thus help shape the future payment space.


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