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New terms of the “Refer a Friend” program from 01.06.2023

The campaign with promo terms of the “Refer a Friend” program ended on 31.05.2023. We would like to thank everyone that participated! The drawing of the winners from the raffle, part of the promo terms, will happen live on the YouTube channel of iuvo on 07.06.2023. Information about the starting time will be sent to the participants via e-mail during the day of the drawing.

Every end is a new beginning!
Starting from 01.06.2023, the “Refer a Friend” bonus program has new and improved terms:

  • Invested funds with iuvoSAVE and iuvoP2P are taken into account for participation;
  • Minimum invested amount for the referred party is 100 EUR (or the equivalent in another currency), the referring party has no requirements for the amount;
  • The funds have to be invested in full for a period of 3 months;
  • Bonuses are received by both parties after the terms are met and within 7 business days after the aforementioned period has ended.

The Referring party, according to its profile status, receives a percent of the invested amount by the referred party, as follows:

  • Starter – 2% bonus and up to 200 EUR;
  • Silver – 2.5% bonus and up to 250 EUR;
  • Gold – 3% bonus and up to 300 EUR.

The Referred party receives 1% bonus of the amount it adds to iuvo in the first 60 days after its registration, and the maximum of the bonus depends on the profile status of the referring party, as follows:

  • Starter – 1% bonus and up to 200 EUR;
  • Silver – 1% bonus and up to 250 EUR;
  • Gold – 1% bonus and up to 300 EUR.

Refer your friend to join the family of iuvo on THIS PAGE.

Get familiar with the FULL TERMS of the program.

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