New product: up to 7% return with iuvoSAVE

We continue to expand our portfolio with another opportunity for you. IuvoSAVE is our simplified investment option, an alternative to your bank deposit, with fixed interest and period, and a quick liquidity option.

Now we add a third product of iuvoSAVE for you to take advantage.

Invest with 7% fixed return and 12 months fixed period. Make profit while saving.

The other two options iuvoSAVE offers you are with 5% annual interest and a 3-month period; 6% annual interest and a 6-month period. The minimum amounts you can start with are EUR 100 and BGN 100. You see exactly when and exactly how much profit you are going to receive.

Reinvest with the “Product renewal” option. You decide whether to invest only the initial amount or with the interest as well.
This way your funds will continue to generate profit for you. If you do not select this option, your funds will become available with the interest after the period is over, and will no longer generate profit until they are invested again.

Add more funds to an investment that has already started without changing the end date. You can also request an early withdrawal, as you keep the end date and the interest. Learn more here.

Act smart. Save with iuvoSAVE.

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